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The Expectation of Excellence: Creating a High Performance Culture

Posted by Eitan Sharir in


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As a leader you don't head to work everyday intending to achieve mediocre results. Nonetheless, are you inadvertently setting mediocre expectations through your actions or focus? Unfortunately, this is a trap that snags many organizational and business leaders.

Are You Empowering  Low Performance? As any teacher can tell you, it’s easy to focus on the problem children in the classroom, while the high performers go unnoticed. If you work in management or human resources, you know that low performers are a problem. While they have lower productivity and performance, low performers tend to know how to do just enough to not get fired.

What you may not know is the overall power and negative impact these low performers truly have over the rest of the organization. In school, high performing students don’t have many other options; they can’t leave, so they ju

st quietly progress from grade to grade. However, in the competitive corporate world, high performers have options. They don’t have to stick around, and absent the attention, rewards and opportunities they deserve, they’ll simply leave and find their fit elsewhere. Troublingly, elsewhere might very well mean the competition. So while you’re trying to fix your problem employees, your competitors could be gathering up your best and brightest to their benefit.

Furthermore, low performers can pull your average performers down to their level. Although your intention in coaching and mentoring low performers is to move  your  organization to higher levels  of  performance, you could, in fact, be accomplishing the opposite. The average performers will view the inequality of work/ attention between themselves and the low performers as unfair and will eventually begin to reduce their efforts to achieve. The result: lower overall performance for the organization.

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