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Dynamic Achievement Blog connecting corporate culture to success

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Employee Engagement vs. Culture Surveys: Knowing Which is Best for Your Organization

Posted by Sasja Chomos in

Culture of Excellence

Organizations that want to grow their business and optimize their results inevitably come to the realization that they need to be looking inward to understand what's going on with their people. After all, business success starts and ends with ...

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Posted by Kirby James in

Vertical Leaders, coaching

The Challenge:

The time has come where you are close to getting what you want. Maybe it is a job, perhaps a contract, a new car or a raise. What is the challenge? You are about to negotiate and you do not like it.

Our view at Dynamic Achievement...

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Trust Is the Greatest Asset a Leader Can Have

Posted by Andrew Lindesay in

Leadership Excellence

Great leaders TELL the truth, expect to HEAR the truth, and will only participate in the truth.

I was boarding the plane heading home after four intellectually challenging days facilitating a leadership development workshop for a group of executive...

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Your brain on Coaching: Rewiring your neurons for increased performance at work

Posted by Matt Summers in

Neuroscience, coaching

Part 2

In my last blog,Your Brain on Coaching: Rewiring Your Neurons For Increased Performance At Work Part 1, I introduced the challenge of breaking old (and ineffective) habits that don’t optimize our performance, and how coaching has managed...

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Your Brain on Coaching: Rewiring Your Neurons For Increased Performance At Work Part 1

Posted by Matt Summers in

Neuroscience, Leadership

Part 1

“Contemporary neuroscience is beginning to provide a scientific platform to support the practice of coaching.” (Rock and Page, 2009)

Let me ask you 3 compounding questions:

  1. Why is it that you continue to do the same things over and over...
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Sustainability and Maximizing Human Capital

Posted by Dr. Mark Pezarro in

Corporate Culture

The Sustainability Dimension

We live in a time of exponential change. Whether leading through values or reacting to pressures, companies and their leaders must respond to the ever-increasing challenges of our times.  Forces such as crowd...

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How leadership with a vertical mindset can benefit organizational communications

Posted by Kirby James in


Dynamic Achievement has created a framework to describe the Mindset of Leaders and Organizations and refers to them as either more Horizontal or more Vertical.

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Today’s Turbulent Times: Why We Need Vertical Leaders Now More Than Ever

Posted by Sasja Chomos in

Vertical Leaders

We live in a world and an environment that is diverse, disruptive, and constantly changing. This creates a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity for people to deal with. Sometimes those changes are local – within our families or our workplace –...

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How Neuroscience is teaching us to avoid deadly automatic thinking at work.

Posted by Matt Summers in


I want to tell you about a syndrome known as “mindless acceptance syndrome” or “MAS” which is a direct result of our brains automatic thinking process. As humans we go about our daily business in the office for the most part on automatic pilot. I...

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Culture Change without Cost: Five Simple Steps to Create Immediate Shifts in Your Company Culture

Posted by Sasja Chomos in

Blog, Culture Change

Think of corporate culture as the operating system of your business. When your corporate culture is not optimized, your employees may appear to be professionally committed, but, in reality, they are not fully engaged, accountable or committed to...

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